Our Story

It started with that most ancient of romantic gestures: a bouquet of roses.

And it worked splendidly (nearly 30 years ago) this June for a young metallurgy engineer pining for the heart of a pretty English literature teacher, who like him had arrived in America from Taiwan well-educated and eager to begin a promising profession after years of college and grad school. Their lives and careers were set. Then came that bouquet of roses.

'We met in 1986,' Kathy Hsing said, giving husband Michael a look. 'Well, it is OK to tell the real story?' she asked him with a laugh. 'OK, well, we met in 1986, in June, and my birthday falls in July. So he sent me a dozen roses. For my birthday. I was so happy.'

A year later, the couple were married and had both said goodbyes to their jobs. It was August 1987, and the Hsings were now enmeshed in the petal business, after having bought a florist friend's Van Nuys flower shop that May. It wasn't the nicest spot, but it was a start, and as soon the couple gained enough clientele to afford a better location, they moved in 1995 to Granada Hills...

... Those early years were about starting all over again for the young couple, who had to learn from scratch not only the cold, hard facts of running their first business but the delicate art of floral arrangement.

They took courses at night, attended workshops, networked with others in the florists' community - the Society of American Florist and the Master Florists Association are among many floral trade associations - and learned by hiring good designers to work with them...

... Even with all the on-the-job training she was getting, a lot was riding on Kathy's innate sensibilities. After all, like the flower itself, a floral arrangement's beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

'I think I have an instinct for floral design. Design has always been my passion,' she said. 'I love beautiful things'"

-Hector Gonzales, Granada Hills Life, 2013